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Shaun Tanaka

GGRB05 Lecture 9 Perspectives on Sustainability 12 November 2013 Guest Lecture Tim Lang Manager Sustainability Office UTSC and Joe Nasr Ryerson Centre for Studies in Food SecurityTim Langs lecture Defining SustainabilityThe UN created the World Commission on EnvironmentDevelopment in 19873 Pillars 2005 o Social o Economic o Environmental o All tied together Historical LessonsCollapse of Jared Diamondhow environmental stress and other factors lead to societal collapse5 factors environmental change climate change hostile neighbours loss of trading partners societal response to environmental challengesNotable collapsesEaster Island Norse Greenland The Anasazi of Southwestern North America The Maya of Central America PitcairnHenderson Island o Environmental stress alone does not cause societal collapse History RepeatingMore modern examplesDominican Republic and Haiti o Different paths create conflictscatastrophesEx PhilippinesWill become more frequent and severe if we dont address climate changeNot enough land for growing food resource scarcityStrong diplomacyprevents events from turning into societal collapse Environmental SustainabilityHerman Dalys Three Rules 1 Renewable resources Suehas fish soil and groundwater must be used no faster than the rate at which they regenerate a Currently we have overfished so some parks are now shut off 2 Nonrenewable resources such as minerals and fossil fuels must be used no faster than renewable substitutes for them to be put into place a Our pace of using fossil fuel must be slower than finding renewable energy b Fossil fuel is not only scarce but it is bad for the environment
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