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Lecture 9

GGRB13 Lecture 9 - Geogrphies of Crime.docx

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Shaun Tanaka

GGRB13 Lecture 9: Geographies of Crime (20 November 2013) Guest speaker – lawyer Racial Profiling - police officers have to look at more than skin colour to stop someone on the street, but it happens - it is more subtle o ‘he looked like a gangster’ o ‘he wore this’ o ‘he wore a symbol’ o ‘he wore baggy clothes - anecdotal evidence o ‘this personal looks like a criminal - ‘red’ = bad = ‘so they are gangster’ - cross-examination – nothing actual it (factors) - not factors of criminality, but style of social group - reaches level of absurdity – gives police justification o tools of social science o actually 0+0+0+0 = no specific meaning - claim they don’t profile by race - ‘where are you looking?’ - even there are clear points, it Is difficult to show - 2002 – disproportion of black/white people getting a ticket - blacks more likely to be detained (pending trial) compared to equal status whites o thus more easily to plead guilty - Oct 20 2013 – Toronto Star: Racial or criminal profiling? - Nov 18 2013 – Toronto Police sued by Black Action Defense Committee for $65M over racial
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