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Excellent notes for GGRB28H3 Lecture 2: Models of Health

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Michelle Majeed

GGRB28H3 : Lecture 2 sample question: definitions and assumptions of models of health news: course - env. CMA - inc. wait times - services - reduce fees for certain diseases - elderly threat gov't - wait times - fixing fees bringing up to tech. 300 dollars for 10 mins. task - diagnose easy - why pay drs. if tech make their job health infrastructure and policy looking out in global Canada and U.S. - individualized health care policy and decision making affect individual health non-profitable - cafeteria - feed students healthier food not eat school anymore go out and eat junk foods fiscal vs. health dilemma mcguinty - figure it out make food enjoyable to students = not change healthy policy obesity issue how policy affects our health western model of health and medicine in good health if not sick or disabled focus in ficing problem body as individual issues and not as a whole prevention on western bec. see cost of just treatment numerous health problems - not as healthy - transition to prevention but traditionally treatment options measuring absence of disease death rates incidence rates think of as illness holistic - ask about feeling unlike biomedical approach see you as whole - social functioning and networks- support group rel. bet mental physical and social more intervention and focus on different issues health is complete sense - hard task how do you feel in 3 aspects universal bliss - come in world ? health not as objective - but health as a resource health you draw upon in your life health and copinghealth to aspire certain goals you already have it - youre not aiming for. you already have. feel empowered certain factors influence health from individual to macro level certain things about you that not change - age and sex - genes individual life factors - smoke, live socio-economic - env. factors? education work multiple canadian factors Canadian social det.of health some things not relevant to certain societies and countries aboriginal status effects on health society matters affects health people dying of HIV before we call it disease not link together death rates diagnosis mostly disesae not illness - in biomedical model bec. easier to identify co morbidity - 2 illnesses at a time e.g. diabetes and high blood pressure incidence new case in time period express in proportion 1 in 4 at risk e.g. diagnosed with (schizophrenia) in a year incidence rates seen in infectious disease - e.g. flu infection - new case incidence new case in time period express in proportion 1 in 4 at risk e.g. diagnosed with (schizophrenia) in a year incidence rates seen in infectious disease - e.g. flu infection - new case chronic - lifetime disease take med. to treat it not go away Acute - heart attack or stroke chronic and acute situat
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