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Week 8 Lecture Note

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Mid-term exam sample key Q1: Problems are that the economy may not be able to adapt to such large numbers of people, food resources may become limited and the depletion of natural resources. High fertility rates can also place a burden on the health care and education sectors. Having to accommodate more people can put a strain on these, resulting in poor health care and education. Mid-term exam sample key Q2: Epidemiological transition is the shift from infectious and contagious diseases as being the primary cause of premature mortality to chronic and degenerative diseases as being the primary cause of premature mortality. It is used in the context that after the eradication of various infectious diseases in developed countries there is an epidemiological shift. However, in less developed countries, malaria... Mid-term exam sample key Q3: During early human history, around 1 AD human population distribution was centred around Northern Africa and South Asia. Population settlements were found along the fertile river valleys in these areas, such as the Nile River and Ganges River. This was because they were able to easily access water and the land was fertile. The rivers also provided a means of transportation for trade. Midi-term exam sample key Q4: This view goes against the Malthus view, Julian L. Simon also takes the same view but in an economist approach. The higher the population growth, the better the labour and capital. There will always be availability and they can
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