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Lecture 8

GGRA02H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 8: Joe Fresh, Banana Republic, Costco

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Michael Ekers

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L E C 8
Crewe’s Questions
Its never about individual choice, you're making decisions about all types of norms and
No one is a true individual, you’ve been influenced since birth
Why do phrases “Made in Italy” and “Made in China” hold different connotations? Are
people racis t about labels on clothing, D o we think jeans are better made in Italy than in
We have a lot of assumptions of quality as s ociated with place
P lace and location matters immensely about how companies s ell products
J oe fresh, gap, banana republic, cos tco, walmart all of these big major retailers put us
into direct contact with the people that produce our clothing
We need to adopt a concept of relationallity and s cale for unders tanding relationships
G eog raphies of F as hion
Y ou put your clothes on everyday and take them off everyday its one of the most
pers onal things that you do yet its so global; its s imple but remarkable
Its uniting and dividing: who produces and who consumes
there is no way a person walking in a s weats hop can afford what they produce
commodities reveal tremendous inequalities it can be uniting but also dividing
there is a lot of deep s ocietal norms to behave and s hop in different ways
E xample: R ana P laza C ollapse
P arent perspective: B uying clothes for your kids that other kids are making
International div is ions of labour
S pecialized economic activity
C apital leads the s tate; money and industrialized activity leaves the state
Dis c us s ion Q ues tions : T he body
What is the body?
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