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Lecture 2

Lecture 2 - GGRB28 - Aids and ARVs. Pharmaceuticals, social movements and global health

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Mark Hunter

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Aims of the Lecture
x To introduce the legislation on intellectual property (TRIPS) and the way this
affects drugs pricing
x To recognize the role of social activism in Aids advocacy and policy
x îïactivists have
challenged this
x ï
Pharmaceuticals and Intellectual Property
x TRIPS came into effect at the end of the Uruguay Round of WTO in 1994
x A lot of attention focused on antiretrovirals
o Expensive at that time due to patents
x Pharma is a heavily subsidized industry through government programs.
x Parallel importing possibility of buying a said drug everywhere but at
different prices around the world.
o People can go outside of the country and buy it for cheaper
somewhere else.
x Generic production (compulsory licensing) when patents are broken or
o In emergency situations, the government can break the patent and
create the drug for cheaper. (ie: cheaper version of
WTO members have to adhere to TRIPS
x Possibility of other bilateral trade agreements (ie: NAFTA)
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