GGRB28H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Epidemiological Transition, Neoliberalism, Sanatorium

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Published on 7 Jun 2012
globalization leads to emergent of diseases
newly emerging of diseases
use blood test to det.early stages in pts.
treated sooner by doing blood tests
technology preventative and early detection - non invasive test to women
smart bomb - deliver toxic to tumor cells that leaves health cells - more specific surgical intensive
approach to tumors that leaves healthy cells
increase in technology not affect entire sys. tech.rel interventions
must be in social economic line
ban additive on bath salts
- manage control it. - not in legal or criminal code - available online to buy and mix it. public attention in
policy - dynamic - moving and technology increases - how they manufacture and make policies
sedentary lifestyle - 6.8 billion dollars a yr - employment and health care
1995 - outbreak
planet of apes
1995 - outbreak -hemorrhagic fever
minamata disease - fish - sushi
Contagion - meningoencephalitis virus
r not - reproductive rates of virus - incubation period - how big pop. susceptible
swine flu -
Planet of apes
disconnect bet. rich and poor gap is bigger
new interaction with env. leads to more susceptible to illness
absolute poverty - poor sanitation inc.illness
more people -iller then sicker
weakening as results of terms of market - social reform for people less funding in institutes
health institutes weaken - situation deadly
less people vaccinated - responsetime is slower or no resources to response
new disease coming out
lyme disease - e.g. - force fire fighter - human beings to nature - more expose
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