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Week 10 Guest Speaker

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Guest SpeakerFiona Chapman, Manager, Pedestrian Projects, City of Toronto
Why Toronto Needs a Walking Strategy
Cultural shift/repositioning
oWalking is not something that people do on weekends for recreational purposes, in fact
its quite a community city to walk for pleasure
oIts more the functional walking is a challenge in Toronto (walk to school/work)
oWalkable environments where you invest in good streetscape enhance rents and property
oLinks between personal and community heal t h
Public health and safety imperative
Coordinated and li nking implementation framework
Pedestrian Collision Data 2009
Over the last 8 years, the rate of deaths has dropped – why?
In part because of better technology, faster response time, etc.
Pedestrian definition
Any person who is not in or upon a vehicle, motorized or otherwise propell ed, or riding upon an
The Goal
Economic prosperity
3 Guiding Principles
Universal accessibility
oIn Ontario, there is a new legislation so that by 2025, every place should be acce ssible for
people with disabilities, especially for aging population
Design excellence
oEvery good walking environment has somewhere to sit (cafes)
oWell designed areas hold their value
6 Action Areas – 52 Actions
1. Leadership and suppor t for walking
2. Promoti ng a Culture of Walking
Children no longer walk to school
We are getting more and more inactive and obese children
3. Integrating Networks for Walking
In Toronto, theres all sorts of information about where you are and want to go
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