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Lecture 3


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Global Asia Studies
Jin Park

Global Asia Studies WEEK 3 Lecture Medicine and Asian Modern II: Eastern Way, Western Techniques  Chinese accept modern technology, modern engineers, weren’t accepting western ideas and medicine o Their medicine based on Chinese tradition and theories o Chinese med doesn’t rely on system of surgery or biology  Western medicine based on autonomy knowledge and their system of method is surgery, built upon human biology and autonomy -> surgeries, removing tumours Korea: Two central issues  Mid 19 century faced aggression from japan  Korea had to accept pressure from japan and had to open up to imperial powers 1. a colony 2. Western medicine under the Asian colonizer Empire  Domination or rule by force  Muliti-ethnic, or multinational political unit created by conquest  Ex Japanese, japan homeland, Korea colonies Colonization  Japanese system of rule over Korea Modern Korea  The chosen dynasty (1392-1910) o 10-15 years was called great Korean empire  1950-1980 korea ruled by dictators The Long Choson Dynasty (1392-1910)  Beginning of dynasty korea is btw 2 imperial powers  Scholars make call it (long choson) Pre modern society, or early modern society  Sino –centric  Neo confucianisim= recreated korea based on confuscianism Choson Korea Struggle for survival 1876-1895  Commercial trade by opening doors, dynasty signed kanghwa treaty in 1876 o Western missionaries coming in to korea and Russian put more pressure on korea to join forces with  Progressive Korean intellectuals reformers captured the palace, modernize korea: The kapsin Coup 1884 o Korea btw Empires: 1894  First war btw china and japan on 1894  Southern part of korea there is a rebellion : tonghak rebellion1894; threat the fate of the choson dynasty o Korean dynasty to request help from china o China defeated by japan;  The kabo
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