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Lecture 5

Week 5

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Global Asia Studies
Liang Chen

Week 5-6 Xuan Zang followed one of the ancient routes of the Silk Road trade that connected East Asia through Central Asia with South Asia and the Mediterranean and Europe. What can we learn about the past and the present of the interconnected world along the Silk Road from such an account? Please include some specific examples for your analysis. The creation of the Silk Road. The silk road did not only economically link each the Asian empires together, but offered an exchange of goods, cultures, language and practices. According to Professor Chen, besides its economic impact, these are certain products that contributed to the Silk Road (in addition to culture and ideas) from China: Silk, gunpowder, paper, compass rhubarb, bamboo, mirrors, ginger, lacquer ware, chrysanthemums (later, tea, porcelain). Plus science and technology such as printing, papermaking, philosophy, Confucianism, and Daoism. From Central Asia: Furs, walrus tusks, amber, livestock, horses, falcons, hides, copper vessels, tents, saddles, and slaves. From India: Cotton textiles, herbal medicine, precious stones, spice, plus BuddhismHinduism, science such as medicine, mathematics, and philosophy. Of course, central Asia were not the only ones benefiting from the Silk Road, from the Middle East: the silk road received Nuts, almonds, dried fruits, dyes, lapis lazuli, swords plus merchants, Islam, and astronomy. Last b
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