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University of Toronto Scarborough
Global Asia Studies
Liang Chen

GASB58 Class 4 February 2 2012 THE CLASH OF EMPIRES AND THE FIRST OPIUM WAR 18391842CLASH OF CULTURESCIVILIZATIONSCLASH OF POLITICALECONOMIC INTERESTS 1 Changes of the Western Image in ChinaEarly Jesuit missionaries Leibniz Voltaire vs Montesquieu Daniel Defoe Adam Smith Hegelbut why changes 2 Trade and Legal DisputesWestern Colonialism and Commercial Expansion by 1750s Britain was most powerful Wanted to take lead and change the Canton SystemSinoWestern Legal Disputes Trade Legal Sovereignty and Imperia PrestigeHonorThe Macartney Embassy 1793failed to achieve its purposesThe Amherst Embassy to China 1816failed to achieve its purposesTHE FIRST OPIUM WAREconomic Political and Cultural FactorsExtraterritoriality was one of the causes of the war legal ability of a government to exercise authority beyond its normal boundaries Ie Foreigners sent back to mother country to be tried and punished if guiltyDebates on the opium questionCommissioner Lin Zexus AntiOpium CrusadeCaptain Charles Elliots ResponsesOutbreak of the Opium WarThe Treaty of Nanjing Aug 29 1842CONSEQUENCES OF THE OPIUM WARTreaty of NanjingCIVILIZING MISSIONPresumpt
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