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Global Asia Studies
Liang Chen

GASB58 Class 11 March 29 2012 WEEK 11 REFORM AND OPENING ERA 19782000REFORM AND OPENING ERAReform and Opening Policy since 1978Economic Development as Top PriorityRestore Order and the Rule of LawPopulation Growth and Birth ControlSocial Consequences of CapitalismThe 1989 Student MovementThe Return of Hong Kong and MacaoChinas Rise as a World EconomicPolitical Power and Continued ChallengesCHALLENGES OF THE REFORM ERARestore Order and Rule of LawIn the 1950s1970s Law schools closed Ministry of Justice abolished lawyers and law professors sent to labor campsEarly state of Reestablishment1979 Resumed1982 5500 lawyers 500 000 Army officers appointed to judicial positionsNew lawsCriminal law 1979 Income Tax Law 1980 Economic Contract Law 1981 Trademark Law 1982 Patent Law 1984 Inheritance Law 1985 Code of Civil Procedure 1986Laws on Securities Insurance and Copyrights in 1990sPopulation PressureRapid development 1953 582 million 1964 700 million 1982 1 billion people Too much people shortage of resources massiv
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