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HISA04H3 Lecture Notes - Mercantilism, Little Ice Age

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William Nelson

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HISA01 Oct. 1
Notice about assignment:
If it is an obvious quote from the documents, no need for reference
If you unsure whether it’s obvious or it isn’t obvious at all, cite.
Cite textbook and companion
o However, document should be enough for assignment. Grading is based
on ability to back up arguments.
Weighing of money
o No common currency at that timeí
o Face value of coins was relatively useless
Focused on coin
o Focus on wealth, trade
o Focus no longer on religion (as shown by
ignoring of religious painting)
Lighting suggest that this is approved by God
Part 1: Silver
Some scholars have written of ‘silver century’ beginning around 1570.
A ‘River of Silver’ from the Americas
Mining in the Americas
Located in what was Peru, now part of Bolivia
Spanish first arrived in 1545
Mining (silver) was not done by the locals before the arrival of the Spanish. The
mines were at high altitude that made it difficult to work.
Small population of natives lived in Potosí
o In 1570, 25 years after arrival of Spanish, 150 160 thousand people
lived there. This is the equivalent of a European capital.
Vermeer c. 1664
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