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Lecture 15

HISB31H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 15: Petrograd Soviet, Kornilov Affair, Saint Petersburg

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Neville Panthaki

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Feb to Nov Revolution of 1917
oProvisional Govt (inaugurated March 2)
oPetrograd Soviet
o***dual powers
oThese two bodies claimed legitimacy
Issued order #1 (march 1)
April theses of Lenin on April 3 (extending the beliefs of the Bolsheviks)
oBolsheviks will not allow itself to draw into a coalition unless the other platform was
similar to theirs
oThey wanted end to war
oImmediate land reform (because freedom was no longer attached to land, he wanted a
transfer of power of those who worked the land, owned the land)
oAll power to soviets
Kornilov Affair (End of Aug)
General K had lots of troops, surround Petrograd and use force to disperse them
What actually happened was the reverse
The general understood that he had power, he brought his troops, disband the government
and to take over and become a dictator
The troops were defeated
The soviet helped the govt to retain power
The provisional govt lost authority
Bolsheviks Vote Seize Power (Oct 23)
There was no option of legitimacy now
Constitution and legality is corrupt
They decided to seize power of Nov 7
And they did
Revolution Nov 7
Bolsheviks gained key parts of the govt overnight
No one could stop them
In terms of implementation of the plan, which occurred immediately (end of Russia in war,
transfer of land power)
This caused immense tension and angst in status quo powers
Civil War 1918-21
As soon as the war was over, a civil war erupts in the old territories of the Russian empire
France and UK was mad because Russia pulled out of the war which helped Germans
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