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Lecture 17

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Sheldon Ungar

Places: Philippines Poptos Concepts: Trading post empire East india companies Tokugawa shogunate Tulip Columbian exchange Tobacco Silver trade “silver drain” “soft gold” - Europeans activated global theatre - Started to connect different place together - Examine why and how Eurpeans came to dominate global commerce between 1450 and 1750 - Key commodigits exchanged withing regional and across global networks - Considere how cultures in contact reshaped the world by the end of the eighteenth century - Europeans entered the Asian market because they were looking for spices, Chinese silk, Indian cotton, jewels, rhubarb - 15 century, western Europe, Spain, Portugal, France and England are taxing cilvilians and enforced armies with gunpowder, going into big centers of market exchange, accumulation of wealth - The Venetians had really cornered the markets - The European ones were far less attractive than the Asian markets - The Portuguese are the first to make their ways into the Indian Ocean, they went south of Portugal and around Africa - The Portuguese introduced unprecendented violence in the Indian Ocean o Push their way into the Indian Ocean o The other Asian ships were not as heavy did not contain gu
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