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Lecture 6

Year 1 - HISA04 Themes in World History I W6 L6 - Oct15.doc

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William Nelson

Week 6, Lecture 6 HISA04 Themes in World History Mon 15 Oct 2012 Sweetness and Power: Sugar, Slavery, … Atlantic System in Three Images - Atlantic System developed roughly 1500 to early 1800s connecting disparate parts of Atlantic thru movement of goods, people and ideas. - Interconnected Atlantic world emerged. - Trade, colonization and slavery were at its core. - Independence movements eventually and democratic revolutions as well. - Ideas of democratic institutions spread throughout these areas (USA, Haiti, France, South America etc.) - Transformed Americas, Caribbean, Africa and Europe. - Slave societies created in Caribbean and Americas which enriched Europe and created consumer boom. - Enriched elites and depopulating and politically destabilizing Atlantic Africa. - Most trade was from manufactured goods from Europe, and unmanufactured, raw goods (sugar) is traded into Europe, and slaves from Africa to Americas. - Most of European nations that created colonies in Caribbean and Americas, they had monopolistic trade agreement/laws that some people who farmed these raw materials were not allowed to refine these raw materials, they had to go back to Europe to refine it, and thus Europe benefitted from it. - Boar-bristle brushes used because of increased tooth decay due to sugar consumption. th - Tooth decay became significant cause of pain & death in Europe in 18 century. - Sugar = major factor. The Great Thomas - Tooth puller on Pont-Neuf in Paris; one of most famous figures in city. - No effective dentists at that time. Tooth Decay and the Atlantic System - Rise of consumerism, change of European diet. - New European dependence on Atlantic commodities. Sugar at the Birth of the Atlantic System - First Atlantic plantations on islands off of Africa. o Produce sugar, rely on slave labour. o Madeira, The Canaries, Sao Tome, Cape Verde, The Azores. o Example of Sao Tome. o Columbus and Atlantic Africa. - Brazil: Portuguese brough
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