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Katherine Blouin

HISB11 March 27, 2012 27/03/2012 8:30:00 AM 2. The “Age of Crisis” (235-284)  military crisis (invasions) political crisis (political instability) economic crisis  social crisis  moral crisis 260-270: A tripartite Empire  260 Valerian captured + killed by Shapur I  260 Gallienus o Italy, North Africa, Egypt, Greece, Danubian provinces  260-267 Sept. Odenaethus + Zenobia o Syria, Palestine, Arabia, Egypt o Zenobia took over after her husband Odenaethus’ death  260-268 Postumus o Gaul, Spain, Raetia, Britain Economic Crisis  Invasionssacking + destructiondrop in productivity + insecurity (brigandage piracy) less exchanges inflation  Since the value of their coins (gold and silver) was decreasing in value, they were hoarding their money and putting it away because the newer coins were decreasing with value. They were hoping that the value could increase one day. But since they were putting away money, and not spending it, they bartered and resulted in less economic benefit Inflation  Causes o Drop in productivity + exchanges o War expenses o Tributes to “barbarians” Social Crisis  general impoverishment increased fiscal pressures + requisitions drop in municipal evergetism  piracy, brigandage, plague  evergetism “doing the good”, sponsorship, giving to your community Moral Crisis  General disarrayreligious causeswhy aren’t we protected by the gods? Christian Persecutions  250-253 Decius - General Sacrifice  257-258 Valerian - Christianity prohibited 2 Possible Further Causes 1. Economic downward phase (west) 2. Crisis of adaptation  new circumstances o dominate o wars
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