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Lecture 3

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Neville Panthaki

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L03 Scramble for Africa 1. 1880 - 1914 (European Competition) - around the periphery = held - 1914, divided neatly into sections British have smaller pieces French combined holdings into large traps 2. Industrial Revolution economic expansion imperialism quest for raw materials 3. periphery interior (and consolidation of that land) - continent becomes a grounds for competition between European powers 4. bringing order to chaos [chaos = lack of borders] geometric borders became the norm ethno-cultural groups divided (190) - split unevenly bound diversity (with no prior history) - problems arise lack of geographic unity (zones of climate) - uneven distribution 10 000 African units 40 European state holdings 5. Indirect rule: self supporting colony [for maximum profit - inexpensive means] [no overhead, maximum exploitation] - Empires are costly and few succeed due to cost-effectiveness - elites were exploited to utilize the system of governance industryeconomy - put into the hands of a company [monopoly commercial company] government [order, tax, logistics, elites - protecting vital interests] cultural imprint o
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