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Lecture 2

Lecture 2 (fall 2010)

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University of Toronto Scarborough
C Pennington

Lecture 2 Canadian History Early contacts between Aboriginals and Europeans Try to answer the essay question as specifically as you can, and try to pay attention to the wording of the question. The Norse, c. 1000 - Eric the Red founds Greenland - Vikings occupied Scandanavia and Norway - Passed around stories in sagas (long poem) o Entertain and glorify Norse tradition - 1300s, then were written down - Earliest known contact between the Norse and NA took place in 1000 AD - Eric the Red banished for murder o Founded Greenland tales of exploration in 985 AD - 986 AD, Bjarni Herjolfsson, blown off course in Greenland, sighting of North America by accident, Newfoundland or Labrador, first sight of NA by Europe - Leif Eriksson, son of Eric the Red, tried to discover and colonize the new land, 1001 ad, sailed eastern course of NA, landed at 3 different sites, o Helluland Baffin Island, flat stone o Markland heavily forested o Vinland Wineland, believed to be Newfoundland - Thorvaldr Erikson, brother of Leif, settled in Vinland following year, sod dwellings, less than 100 people o Hostile encounters with the natives, two leg, forerunners of the Inuits o Refered to as the Skraelings, 1002-3 Sleep under skin boats, kayaks Norse tried to kill all of them, killed 8 Skraelings killed the Norse, including Thorvaldr ended the Norse sagas - Early 1960s, Helga Ingstad, used the sagas as a reference point, actually turned out to be a Viking settlement in Newfoundland Columbus and other Early Explorers, 1492-1524 - Columbus and Hispaniola, 1492 o Columbus was remembered for discovered the New World and Caribbean, enslaved the natives Harshness of the Spanish regime was exemplified - Giovanni Caboto (John Cabot) and Newfoundland, 1497 o Sailed for England, called the Matthew, 20 people o Looking for economic reasons: trying to find a passage to Asia, newer trade route for finding wealth
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