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Key terms militaryaristocratic ethos Colbert intendant plaisance seigniorial system tithe sovereign council seminaries Ursuline order of Nuns subsistence company of 100 habitants militia captains cultural aversion directives petitbourgeoisie grandebourgeosieWhile there was a distinct social structure these classes were not that distant from each other in terms of wealth and status New France was fairly an equalitarian society No real working class etc New France dominated by 2 class small urban elite and farmers Simple social structure was quite fluid or loose except for the highest reaches of the high class Could move from one class to another Habitant could be awarded seigniors Small merchants could become big merchants The church in New France powerful within LimitsPlayed a key role in many of lifes central rituals earth life marriage Various catholic orders Jesuits Ursuline Nuns ran the schools provided a basic education not enough to avoid the 90 of literacy rate Only upper class sent their kids to medical school etc Provides educational servicesSocial services established charities for the poor elderly and disable and ran hospitals and orphanages Had a powerful influence on the ideas and behaviour of French Canadians French Canadians devoted their loyalty to Catholicism by paying tithes celebrating the holidays and attending churchBecause the average habitant enjoyed a leisure time he wasnt as obedient as were his peasant counter parts in new France Evidence that French Canadians ignored the church and habitants didnt show respect to the local clergy and sometimes not paying the tithes Intendants always telling habitants not to be rude to the clergy Even the elite defied the church on occasion They asked local churches to delay the service at church so they can party at night late New France was not quite the theoretical feudalistic oppressive society Wasnt a very democratic place Didnt need to be democratic because when people demand democratic rights it means that their rules were not respecting their wishes Life in New France seemed to be pretty good for most people Food was nutritious and plentiful seigniorial system didnt place a lot a demand on people taxes were minimal people of New France enjoyed a lot of leisure time They seemed quite happy 1750 the battle bw France and Britain the destiny of Canada would be altered
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