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BNA Act 1867 Residual power Grits Grand Trunk RR Confederate intercolonial RR Rouges Dorian Tupper Tilley Fenians Albert Smith residual power property and civil rights and matters of a local or private nature Albert SmithThe Making of Canada 186418731Origins of Confederation The Great Coalition Political deadlock financial troubles economic considerations US military threatBritish military withdrawalNot much legislation getting passedBusiness of government in province of Canada was not goodLegislative committee recommended confederation of all coloniesLeader of Grit party George Brown talked with liberal party leader Macdonald agreed to this idea so creating a new country was put in place Coalition government People saw this as rescuing government from its debt1850 government of Canada was on brink of financial collapse borrowed too much money to make railroads way of generating more trade NOT A NEW IDEAPolitical deadlock and ongoing financial crisis made this notion a good idea A union with 2 levels of government a central government and a government in each province and wanted representation of both governments to be represented by populationThis structure was favoured because it would satisfy both French didnt have to worry that rep by pop would mean assimilation because Quebec would have own government and English Economics broader union would provide traffic for Canadian railroads open up new markets for Canadian goods down east cheap maritime coal and would give boast to Canadian manufacture1866 free trade treaty with US was going to expire and Americans made it clear that theyre werent going to do this treaty again Military threat of US Only a united system of defence would turn back the Americans Britain made it known that it was longer going to pay for defence so another reason confederation made senseSeeds and roots of Canada lie in the military economic and political
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