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Lecture 9

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Michael Gervers

Lecture 9 Heresy and Popular ReligionIntroduction An Age of FaithPeople making sense of complex world as best as they can with whatever tools they can useTODAY 10001492Heresy only exists where there is an orthodoxy to name it The two are an inseparable binary and heresy is forever both a boundary and a fluctuating categoryJohn ArnoldIn this case orthodoxygood beliefPopular Piety Urban and rural changesRural FaithLess contact in rural areas because of distance so less effects of different forms of ChristianityMembers of the Church tried to bring religion out to the rural areasThey were given access to the 7 sacramentsBaptismConfirmationMatrimonyHoly ordersExtreme unctionPenanceEucharistInvolved them in religious framework Also allowed education of what religion should beless rural religions more standardizationAfter investiture controversy the priests gained more contact with Rome so they may have become better educatiosThe rural communities became more involved religious idealsstill Church was not ultimate powersMonasteries were often in rural areasUrban faithMendicant orders had a lot of influence in the cities
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