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Lecture 2

Lecture 2 Notes

Health Studies
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Caroline Barakat

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Lecture 2: A Multidisciplinary
HLATA10- Intro to Reasearch in health Studies January 16th,
Readings: pg 1-13 textbook
Research- systematic*, rigorous*, valid, careful, executed in a certain manner, develops
explanations for what youre trying to describe (theories) - *research method
Health Research- research specific to health questions; very broad; anything that has to do
with health
Three Types of Health Research:
1.Health systems research- effectiveness and efficiency of health systems, the goal is
to improve health of population by enhancing health systems; can use individuals or
2.Health services research- health service delivery, available services such as
hospitals, vaccination clinics, etc., subset of health systems research
3.Health technology- health care intervention efficiency and effectiveness, treatment
and diagnosis research; researching technology behind healthcare interventions
These three types of research can overlap each other a great deal
Healthcare research themes have changed a great deal in terms of what is being
researched; used to be biomedical based, where the body was thought of as a
machine that would need to be fixed when broken (get treatment when ill); now
we are turning more into how to prevent illness and looking at things like
lifestyle, healthy choices, etc., and it is now a combination of many different
Multidisciplinary Theme:
-very diverse field therefore leading to diversity in methodology in health research
Health Research Methods:
Quantitative Research- using numerical data, measuring, positivism (school of
thought that says you can give a numerical value to everything; everything can be
measured objectively using the scientific method) uses analytical techniques ie.
Hypothesis testing, linear regression, etc.
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