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Lecture 3

HLTC05H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Domestic Violence, Blood Sugar

Health Studies
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R Song

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-In Greenville workers get 15$ a hour and Mexican workers $1.50 hour
and bus fair
-ELEECTROLUX moved from Sweden to Germany, 2700 workers
lost there job (union workers)
-He studied the consequences of job loss for workers ( psychologist)
-Electroulux workers lead a middle class life, spiral downfall
-Brenda and other workers gained work, chronic eating they are
treating themselves for anxiety
-Depression (Richard Ort) wife laid off after 38 years an daughter
moved to minnoestota , medial issues are increasing related to stress
and anxiety
-80 cases were treated in 2004 for domestic abuse, suicide
-Stress hormones remain high can trigger in blood sugar and even
-Harvery Burner a epidemiologists – studied about unemployment and
death rates (excess dates)
-Free-market environment – 3 million plant jobs have been lost
-Sandy Beck; lost her job in electrolux earned 21$ with benefits and
now $7
-CEO salaries is 250 times higher than average workers
-When you stand on the economic ladder it is a good predictor for
-Autonomy , empowerment, control , whom have less control are in
increase risk health
-We live in A individualistic society we are responsible for our own
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