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Lecture 9

Lecture 9

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Health Studies
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Michelle Silver

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Lecture 9 Notes y First picture of the earth taken from the moon Moon is something we can see but not the earthy Looking at this picture made people realize they should be preserving life support system y It wasnt that we ran out of oil OPEC said they would supply less oil It wasnt a shortage like we ran out of oil OPEC said were going to take a stand and not distribute much oil Raised oil price by 70 and cut productions in 5 increments This occurred in the 1970s when car culture was big Got people to think about what to do if we actually ran out of oil which is foreseeable People didnt worry about oil till this oil crisis happened Couple of things changed speed limit were introduced slower you go the less gas you usebe efficient in fuel usage Safety issues came up later We had refinements on zones near school and hospitals After this we enacted daylight saving USA did all this a bit before Canada First year of full daylight saving in 19741975 trying to be more efficient so people would be working and productive during daylight hours and could get off early and not have to work in the dark Shift from electric rail to cars in LA Hard for a place like LA to shift now they all use cars there y This reflected international effort to pay attention to the environment Look at what we do now because it effects wh
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