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Lecture 7

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Health Studies
Suzanne Sicchia

March 1, 2012 Conceptualizing Health Care Systems Public Financing---------------------------------- Private Financing Socialized medicine : ex. Cuba, Norway Opposite of social medicine is free Market (poor nation; access to healthcare is seriously problematic here) Principles and Building Blocks of HCS Quality Participation: ‘people’s health movement’ Health Care Systems Infrastructure  Primary Care:  Secondary Care: In-patient services; controls who gets access to what care  Tertiary Care: Hardcore specialized advance healthcare; even countries like Cuba have exceptional care ; very advanced care that attends to the sickest of the sick  This isn’t exactly cost-effective  Facilities  Training, Recruitment and Retention of Personnel  Regulation  Remuneration  Management Canada’s Health Care System [note: could be a short answer question on exam]  Responsibility for the provision of health care mostly falls to the provinces, however…  Federal government provides health… (look at powerpoint)  Administration of their health insurance plans Federal Level:  Health Canada Total Expenditure (2009) > $180 billion - Branches: Healthy Environments and Consumer Safety, Health Products an
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