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Health Studies
Caroline Barakat

January 17, 2011 RESEARCH IN HEALTH STUDIES LEC#4 Health Studies: Social Factors, Health & Illness Social factors and health  Social class - arrangements of people in society as economic groups  Socio-economic status - societal status using factors or measurements such as income levels How are they classified? Main Perspectives:  Social causation hypothesis –factors associated with socio-economic status influence health  Selection hypothesis – life course perspective What about psychosocial stress? -response to stress -mediating factors How do individuals cope with these life events? Coping – Crisis theory 1) Crisis theory –homeostasis and equilibrium What helps in coping?  Social, psychological, and personality characteristics  Social support - comfort  Social capital - community level  Self efficacy - related to self-esteem; internal control Labelling and social stigma  Sense of powerlessness  Depersonalisation At societal level:  ‘social stigma’ –social reaction which leads to a spoilt identity and labelling Social interactionism versus symbolic interactionism  How do people manage their lives when suffering from illness? How do they cope?  How do individuals minimize social stigma?  How do individuals accept themselves and work hard to fulfil role expectations?  What does it mean to be ill? Disabled? Different? Health-related behaviour  Sick role behaviour  Illness behaviour  Health behaviour What influences sick / illness / health behaviour?  Gender Theory  Cultural theory Culture of poverty explanation Sense of powerlessness and fatalism Cost-benefit approach  Sick-role behaviour -accepts the symptomatology and diagnosis of medical care system 1. Free or exempt from normal social roles 2. Not directly responsible for their plight 3. Attempt to get well 4. Must seek competent help and cooperate  Cost-benefit approach - social factors impact the amount of time and resources available to seek help and alter behaviour January 17, 2011 RESEARCH IN HEALTH STUDIES LEC#4 Models of Health Behaviour  Models of adherence  Models of behaviour and behaviour change  Health belief model - people’s behaviour related to: Perceptions of how severe their illness is, How susceptible they are to the illness, Costs and benefits incurred in seeking a specific action, Trigger- dependent Health B
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