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Sandy Romain

HLTA01 Tuberculosis 12022013 51700 PM HistoryTB ancient disease limited to animals o Mycobacterium bovisEgyptian mummies2400 BCPhthisis or consumptionHomer 800BCHippocrates460 BCdisease due to evil air but not contagiousAristotle 384322BC due to bad and heavy breathKings Evil and Royal Touch o Predominantly for scrofula o Touched by royalty to cure the disease Queen Anne was the last Scrofulawould come to king or queen for cure through blessingSometimes provided with a touch piecePictures w angels were thought to have healing power10001700ADRomanticization o Long thin neck o Pale complexion o Glassy eyes o Rosy cheeks o Delicate features o Artistic creativitylooks for people w tuberculosisArtist at the time have tuberculosis people looks like that Treatment back in the days1834 First therapeutic pneumothorax was induced by FH Ramadge thoracoplasty was first induced by Swiss surgeon De Cerenville o done without entering the pleural space and incurring the risk of tuberculous empyemaVaccineAlbert Camette and Camille Guerin developed o With M bovis o Called Bacille CalmetteGuerin BCG
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