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Lecture 6

Lecture 6 Notes

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Health Studies
Caroline Barakat

Lecture 6 October 16, 2011 • outbreak of a new epidemic in naples -question: how did the disease get to naples in the first place? • girolamo fracastoro termed syphilis -also known as morbus gallicus • it was named by the people of the groups that they didnʼt really like • italy and germany -france -dutch -russia -turks -tahiti • related to who was not liked or what symptoms occurred as a result of it • theory 1: -introduced to europe by chris columbus and his men -signs of symptoms of syphilis in written records -high virulence • theory 2: -did not come into the old world from the new world from the crew -existed in africa and Mediterranean and spread into europe -arose from one origin and had different clinical patterns in certain conditions and environmental factors -non unitarian -strains occured because of a result of mutations -pinta, yals, endemic -succession of mutation • john hunter: wanted to point to the similar origin of sexual diseases -louʼs vinera -single nature of louʼs vinera: wet form and dry form -1 origin and 2 forms (ghonnerea and syphilis) -g was the wet form • from the wet form, he developed the signs of the dry form • in 1830 it became known that it was 2 different diseases • john hunter didnʼt know that the person he injected himself with had g and s • rudolph: was spread through the blood • spiral shaped bacterium- trepenema paloden • Oslo Study 1891-1951: 2000 patients with primary or secondary syphilis -based on symptoms -followed over the period of time to uncover what happens to them naturally • tuskegee study- 1930: poor uneducated african american men that were never told what they had -even when there was a cure they were not aware of it -told they had bad blood and were given free medical treatment and burials • objective: document natural history -by the time this was made public, 20 men died
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