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Lecture 6

week 6 - Syphilis

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Health Studies
Caroline Barakat

HLTA01 - Week 6 October, 13 2011 Syphilis – The Great Pox Lecture Outline • History of Syphilis -The Great Pox • Etiology • Epidemiology • Clinical manifestations • Risk • Diagnosis and treatment • Movie segment – syphilis History Giovanni de Vigo wrote of syphilis: ‘In the yeare of our Loard, 1494, in ye – 1494: King Charles Vlll of France invades Italy – Outbreak of a new epidemic in Naples monethe of December when Charles ye Frenche kynge toke hys iorney into the – Following year mysterious affliction reported in England, France, partes of Ytaly, to recouer the Germany... kyngdome of Naples, there appered a – Columbus return from the New World to Europe – Pamphlet on syphilis [A Fine Treatise on the Origin of the French certayne dysease through out al Ytaly of Evil ] an unknowen nature, whych sondrye – Printed during the course of a syphilis epidemic nations hath called by sondry names. Origin of the term ‘Syphilis’ The Frenche men call it the dysease of Naples, bycause the souldyours brought it – Girolamo Fracastoro (1478 - 1553) from thence, into Fraunce. The – Venetian physician Neapolitanes, call it ye Frenche dysease, – 1530 epic - Syphilis sive morbus gallicus for it appered fyrste when they came to – Poem about a shepherd boy named Syphilus who insulted a God and Naples, and so other languages call it by was punished by that god with a horrible disease other names, whereupon we nede not greatlye to passe, but rather what the Other terms for ‘syphilis’ nature and cure therof is. Thys dysease is contagious, chiefly yf it chaunce Morbus gallicus “Great pox” through copulation of a man wyth an “The French disease" "Lues" (or Lues venerea) unclene woman, for the begynnynge "Italian disease" "Cupid's disease" therof was in the secret members of men and women, with lytle pushes of blewe "Spanish disease” Grandgore in Scotlan
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