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Lecture 3

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Health Studies
Toba Bryant

Sociology Approaches to Womens Health 1232012 80700 AM Assignment y Define diversity analysisgender analysis in your own words Identify 23 questions its important for How might further research contribute Public policies APA style 5 pagesCriticisms of Traditional Epidemiological Approachesy Sex is biology gender is a social constructiony Emphasis on biology physiology and we dont consider the structure of womens livesy Medical studies never included women but assumed that it was the same for women as men Women differ though There are also differences between groups of women y Didnt include immigrant women only white women y Very narrow focus Not looking at other factors that affect womens health y Evidence suggests that womens health isnt just about biology but social factors affect their lives too y Things that happen to women abuse violence pregnancy cancers primary care givers which adds stress to their lives occupational health hazards womenled families single parent families led by women mostly poverty unequal sharing of household duties y Big occupations women have administrativeclerical nursing teaching These are lowpaying jobs with high stress and low control Few or no benefits Gender wage gap y Reasons women end up like this presuming that women are caring nurturing passive emotional irrational and so seen as inferior to men y Males independent powerauthority risktaker logicalrational protector stronger y Women have mental health issues like depression where medication is addictive might not work has side effects given for other mental health illnesses Businesses made in a medication that doesnt even help Beyond the Concrete and ObservableLifeCourseLifespan Research Approach y Age and stages of roles and experiences of women and girls y Diverse influence on girls and womens health y Causes themes and patterns on all age groups Hankivsky 2007 y Not taking into account the broader context in which women live that results in health issuesy Thought we say we have a gender lens we only look at the sex issues The health issues related to their biology sex This is because they are epidemiologists not social scientistsCritical Periods of the Life Course
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