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Lecture 6

Lecture 6

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Health Studies
Toba Bryant

Human Rights and Political Economy Social Determinants of Womens Health 2132012 80100 AM Assignment 2 y Looking at output variables gender class other variables concerned with social stratification and how they interact y CVD as a womens health issue and how its related to public policy and how public policy can do something about it Explain incidence of CVD for womenincome levels race What is discussed for rise in incidence Unequal distribution of incomey Gender or intersectional analysis can influence whether people develop women in particular and what public policy can do to reduce it and for other chronic diseases y What policies or direction might this analysis recommendy Discuss why this is importanty Purpose statement what this paper will doargue y What are the key issues were concerned about and what can public policy doy Social stratifications race sexual orientation disability y Intersectional analysis may be the appropriate term usedy Give example of how it can be applied for CVD as a womens health approach y Metcalfe Foundationread summary help with assignmenty Unstable employment leads to bad health according to a person at Macmaster these people are more susceptible of being diagnosed with CVD Positivism y Scientific method y Objectivity y Quantity of analysis y Rationaly These are seen as male constructs not related with women who are invisibley Geared towards male patients and there experiences not womensOverview of Presentation y Human Rights y Feminist Political Economy y Social Determinants of Health y How social determinants shape health and interact with gender y Public policy scene in Ontario and Canada Human Rights y Political and civil rights Right to life Freedom of opinion Fair trialy Protection from torture and violence y Economic social and cultural rightsie right to work social protection adequate standard of living
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