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University of Toronto Scarborough
Health Studies
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1 HLTC05Tuesday Oct 9 2012 LectureNeoliberal ideology western base corporations that have become global enterprises Factors behind structural violence ideology and corporations that have created this ideology have perpetuated it and expands ideology Ideology of the dominant classes Ultimately maintains the dominant class by ensuring inequalityNeoliberal Economic Policies America and UK a set of policies to pull them out of1 2 3 Eliminating orders and barriers that limit foreign investors Characteristics market liberalization less governmentstate interference 2 Cutting public expenditure 3 Deregulation reduce government regulation compromises safety enviro protection etc 4 Privatization more competition better for consumers Therefore more efficient and no strikes etc when privatebut wealth in hands of few 5 Individual responsibility not community responsibility Free trade increased job loss but then also we have to look at where they go for example factory in mexico lower educated women think of all the negative consequences Transnational corporationsClaims nationality in nations that have leaner regulations but brand in big nationsPlay significant role in growing disparity TNC expan
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