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The Silver Age movie on youtube 1) Compare the aging experiences between the three countries presented - In India: - Older women in India like to keep up with the times, to continue to be “modern” to be happy. One woman dyed her hair because she feels that it resembles modernism and self-sufficiency… independence. - “you are old if you feel old” … “ I play sports to keep myself preoccupied” - In Japan: - Longest living people - The result of economic development and better medicines - Women choose to remain independent of their children. Old and young people have different lifestyles… living together means there is inconvenience for everyone… that way living alone they will be happier. - Taninzia: - Have respect for the elderly and the younger children look after their parents. There is only one old age home, most of the elderly live with their families. - They have been brought up to care for their parents and kids… and they keep their kids close so the parents can be looked after. It was considered a western mistake to allow kids to move away from their parents. - They believe in duty. 2) Consider the various cultural and demographic factors that influence these experiences. - Japan: people in japan feel like the young and the old have two different lifestyles
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