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Health Studies
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LECTURE SIX Social Factors:  Religion, etc. Upstream Determinants  Malaria risk – ULTIMATE FACTORS o Environmental change o Economic inequality o Political economy o Health care systems o Global health care research  Structural violence : a corruption of social structure, violent because social inequality, like racism or gender inequality o Everyone innately part of this by living in society o Big ultimate factor in shit  Malaria risk - PROXIMATE: o Actual plasmodium mosquito, etc. PowerPoint summarizes the readings. Read the slides if not the articles. Child labour  Most productive activity of children (production of commodities for market)  Excludes the activities of children 12 yrs and older who are working only a few hours a week)  2002 – 246 million kids in hazardous conditions, without protections (over 127.3 mil in Asia Pacific and Sub-Saharan Africa)  Boys slightly outnumber girls in most hazardous conditions UN Convention on the Rights of the Child  Right for survival  Right to develop to the fullest potential  Right to protection from abuse, neglect and exploitation  Right to participate in family, cultural and social life o Not signed by Somalia (no government) and the US  There is always an ultimate factor, generally a government issue thing SAP often resulted in higher cost of living. They led to cuts in social spending and education. They increased in privatization and shit.  WHO: nurturant qualities of the environments where children grow up o IT TAKES A VILLAGE TO RAISE A CHILD DUDE o ECD = reflection of larger societies, their social success and such The Psychosocial Environment of Childhood Poverty  A list of things we can associate with impoverished kids  Violence, etc.  With poverty, comes institutionalized violence or warfare
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