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Lecture 5

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Health Studies
Jason Ramsay

Lec 5 Feb 14 2010 Chaos and resilience in child development An fast paced environment that is x Hard to define x Out of our control x Shifts and changes rapidly x Defies routinizationx Gives random or confusing feedback Chaos involved in child development 1 physical environment overthrown trash cans2 social environment ppl preying on one another lack of trust among ppl 3 family structure parent dont pay attention to the children or discipline them 4 patterns of attachment parents are divorced so ppl keep coming in and out of the house 5 lack of routines parents are coke addicts or have bipolar disorder so they have constant mood swings 6 Lack of ppl to rely on or regular activities children then turn to ppl that can be sex offenders 7 Transience in school having a dad in military schoolIs chaos in the a child ADHDb family abusive father and transient mother parents have mental disorders c neighbourhood growing up in a ghetto or grow up in an high class neighbourhood and still experience chaos is the opposite of chaos order its not because order creates under stimulation cant be predictability because later on children need to learn how to deal with ambiguous situations the other side of chaos Chaos might also involve environments that are chronically understimulating which can lead to immune disabilities like if they live a life where they dont talk or interact with other ppl A person exposed to many germs or sickness develop stronger immune systems when they grow older Or ratherevents and happennings are so routine and there is so
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