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Lecture 7

lecture 7 excellent notes

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Health Studies
R Song

68 pm march 6week 16lecture and tutorial discussions and review questions todays lecture not to be in midterm Weekly questions short answer questions 23 MCQs13 short definitions couple short answer questions with choicespoint formIclicker Q1 Malnutrition and infection works synergistically toReduce malabsopyionand illness duration Worsen the original precipitating condition Decrease dietary requirements of disease Improve immune response and efficiencyIclicker Q2 Protein caloriecalorie PEM is an issue ofAdequate calories but insufficientMild to marginal type of malnutrition Kwashiorkor and deficiency in vitamins Inadequate quantity and quality of nutrientsIclicker Q3Important brain structure for cog Assoc with school success Thyroid and temporo parietal Hypothalamus and hippocampus Hippocampus and prefrontal cortex Temporooccipital and pituitary glandsIclicker Q4 Research on child institutionalization age of adoption brain size and cognition indicate thatreduced brain volume link with shorter term institutionalization Greater hippocampus size is linked with reduced cognitice function Higher IQ linked with longer orphanage stays Younger age at adoption is linked to higher cognitive control final examextending beyond childhood health to holistic long term consequencesbeyond childhoodunderstanding individuals healthecology of individual life looking at spatial levels macro levelbigger scales
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