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Lecture 10

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Health Studies
R Song

HLTB02 lecture 10 most kids are not dying from AIDS2 mortality social factors human factors easily mediated social stigma death due to opportunistic infections HIV causes body unable to fight back children are already underdeveloped HIV affects it even more transfer to children vertical transmission breast feed pregnancy blood transfusion drug sexual transmission unprotected sex raped children are more affected than adults progression is faster than adults opportunistic infections pneumonia ear infections TB etc relationship between TB and HIVdouble trouble HIV increase susceptibility to TB reactivate latent TB acceleration of active TB resistant to antibiotic treatment greater expo to TBcoinfected drug resistant mortality rate problemscreening high TB less control coinfectionSub Saharan South Africa poverty structural factors involved reasons for TBHIV higher expo and higher vulnerabilitytreatment antiretrovirals slow progression of HIVHAART screening for TB TST antiretroviral slow down progression red
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