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Lecture 8

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Health Studies
R Song

HLTB02 lecture 8 malnutritionunder nutrition affects health and adulthood development society cultural consequences dietary quality affects socialization behaviour inattentive introverted verbalization language skillsstunted appear younger that you actually are changes adults perspective of you cottle sicklike in need of more care decrease brain stimulationintellectual functioning multidirectionalmany layers of influence BrownPollitt 1996issue of neglect malnutrition can lead to neglectabuse eg Brazilian Favelas ghettopoverty in Brazil dichotomous society ruralchild died of 2 months wouldve died of malnutrition anyways doesnt matter society impacts what people do with children reaction to environment acceptance of infant mortality 3040 dying during the first year of life high expectation of death not really have infantmother bond detachment with newborns until sure that they would live defensive reaction
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