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Lecture 4

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Health Studies
Scott Sams

HLTC43 Lecture 4 Wednesday, May 29, 2013 10:05 AM Cue Column: Note-Taking Area: ***LECTURE 3 PART 2*** Policy Change Purpose: To introduce the dynamics of public policy making and patterns of policy change. • Why make decision to do/not do something ○ Sometimes the decision is huge change  What leads us to make these changes Lessons from today’s class: 1. Expert knowledge is privileged in policy development, but it is political. • Priviliged in policy development • Experts have more sway ○ Carry more influence ○ But politics is the one that does it 2. Health policy change is usually incremental, punctuated by atypicalor radical changes. • Purpose: why is it that we get radical changes once in a while Knowledge in Policy Change Policy actors: • Citizen activists ○ Someone experiencing behaviouror advocate of those ppl • Professional policy analysts ○ Specialized knowledge  Know something about treatment  Authority/objectivity □ As a result, some ppl don't say anything □ But they have increased credibility • Role of the state ○ The previous two points act on state  But state has own agenda □ Can favour those actors or not Types of knowledge: • Instrumental ○ Positivist knowledge  Rationalist knowledge □ Objective □ Empirically driven □ Bio-med paradigm  Expert knowledge from physician etc. • Interactive ○ Knowledge as citizen activist/individual  Own perceptions □ What you see daily ○ ***Instrumental and interactive don't really acknowledge political aspect/political reality*** • Critical ○ Understand gov't/political power and influence on society  If you understand how power works, then can know how to change it ○ Critical structural paradigm ○ Poli-econtheory Ways of using knowledge in policy change: • Legal ○ Legal knowledge to influence change • Public relations ○ How ideas marketed
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