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Lecture 1

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Health Studies
Toba Bryant

Politics of Canadian Health Policy 1122012 90200 AM Lecture 1 Health Policy and Public Policy Studies y Critical comments due before each class Example when doing the readings is there something that gets to youy Final exam is 100 MC Overview y What is health policy o What is health o What is policy y What is politics y What is government y How is policy made o Consensus models tend to see process as rational Government being rational and making decisions that most members would support They dont get into conflicts that might occur o Conflicts models believe that political process is about class and political power politics of etiology a set of idea of what should be done to address a value that they are trying to drive here Trying to find out what is shaping this policy why are some groups helping this policy and others arent helping y What is power Why is it important Who has it y What is the difference between the market an
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