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Health Studies
Toba Bryant

HLTC03 Lecture 1 1122012 90500 AM What is health policy y What is health y What is policy What is politics What is govt How is policy made y Consensus models y Conflict models What is power Why is it imp Who has it What is the difference between the market and the polis Why is it impMedicare started in 1940s Established bc people sacrificed so much after WW and did not want to live in insecurity Once medicare was established Dr got fixed income Benefits associated with single public health care program and those who dont have it spend more out of pocket feesConflict model is about exercising political power ideology ideas about things needed to be done to address issue why are some groups healthier delve deeper into issue and look at critical issuesWhat is health policy y Decision made by govt to address and identify set of policy issues govt decided to take action on or notWhat is politics y Groups that wish to cut or not cut a program are politics y Its issues we must decidey Its when people disagreeagree discussanalyze issues and come up with a decision or not y Involves strategizing coalitions forming oppositions involvedy Govt is never neutral Box 11 What is PoliticsPolitics is multidimensional
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