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Health Studies
Toba Bryant

HLTC03 Lecture 10 Economic Globalization and Health GlobalizationEconomic integration of the international economy The underlying dynamic is the internationalization of manufacturing and increasingly of services as wello Loosing up regulationsPower and Wealth of Chief Executives in CanadaRepresent all sectors of the Canadian economyC32 trillion in assetsAnnual revenues of C750 billiono Its not that they dont care about poverty they dont think about itSome public goods such as investment in education or essential infrastructure have direct implications for the countrys future prosperityTrade TreatiesFormal agreement between two or more states concerning trade investment tariffs etcEG North American Free Trade Agreement NAFTA General Agreement on trades and Services GATS NAFTATrade and investment agreementImportant chapters investment services monopolies and intellectual property Broad scopeTopdown cover all aspects in all sectors except those for which governments have arranged explicit exclusion o Those policy areas that governments have said is off the table will be protected and wont have to comply with terms of NAFTA o Top down means it covers everything except the exclusions government stated Canadatwo reservations countryspecific exceptions protect government measures in health sector from some of NAFTAs investment and service obligations o Sections would be protected from investment o These provide some protection for health careMostFavoured Nation MFB Treatment RuleFavour one favour allNational Treatment Rule Foreigners entitled to same treatment shown to like Canadian goods investments or services NAFTA Provisions Annex 1 General reservation permits each of three countries to keep in place all nonconforming provincial and national government measures in place by January 1 1994 o Temporary coverageprotection not intended to go on
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