Political Economy of food

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Lecture # 11: Amartya Sen and Political Economy • Food: Various means as one can go about foods, you can receive food from your neighbor which builds a relationship, but if you steal then that could put you in a dilemma • The ability of individuals to achieve the desires needs and engaging in desirable activities • The idea of development strategy by giving everyone bicycles, but it may be constraint by certain laws, if you’re a women then you have to go out with a man to ride the bicycle, or there might not be areas to ride the bicycle Political Ecnomy • The government provide education and health care(economic provision ) which is not mediated by market • All the different spheres matter • All economic provisions should take place in markets • Much broader Hunger in the 21 century • Steady decline in the incednce of hungry in 1990 to 1995 but there has been a dramatic increase after this point • Most of this hunger is occurring in the global south • It more acute in children where 1 in 3 children suffer from malnutrition in the global south • Long term cost in development and lost of lives Rising Food prices • Dramatic increase in prices of food • Rising food prices link to political instability and malnutrition Causes of Rising food prices • Increase production of bio fuel(75 percent) -grain for fuel, not food -the change in land use -shifting away from food crops -sparked financial speculations -people investing in these foods • Increase fertilizer prices(15 percent) • Increase meat consumption in india and china -raising food prices where people in India are shifting away from veggie and moving onto meat products • Adverse weather • Buying more and more foods and not actually selling these food to consumers Structural Adjustment and the globalization of food • Linked to the globalization of food economy • In the 1970s and 1980 government encouraged massive amounts of debts, therefore in order to pay off it they had to borrow money from the IMF • The agriculture services are generated in the south • The impacts has been a more concentrated food systems • A lot of the food supply comes from usa, china, and mexico • Low inventories for example, wheat stocks which would increase the wheat prices • These countries are no longer food sufficient so there are dependent from food in the north The food system ”Hourglass” • The fact that throughout the world you get three million farmers distrubiting 160000000 consumers • Billion farmers are filtered to the food purchasing suppliers The causes of hunger? • Due to a scarcity of food • Many scholars have shown that there is tremendous surplus of food • 1950s the world pop growth rates has been decreasing where there an increase in food production world wide • Enough food produces in the world right now can feed up to 70 billion people • Growing surplus of food, and there is enough food to supply enough 2720 calories per person per day • There is plenty of food that is produced • The hunger is due to scarcity of food is a myth • 78 percent of malnutrition children in places that have an increase of surpluses of food yet they suffer from hunger • The political power and economic power to access food
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