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International Development Studies

IDS: Lecture 10: Guest Speaker: “Education and development panel” PATRICIA: DEVELOPMENT AND EDUCATION – QUALIFYING ALL IN THE NEW MILLENNIUM Development - It attached to cardinal (north vs. south, east vs. west) = never that accurate - Ordinal ( first world vs. second world and third world, fourth world) o Someone that is “ahead and/or behind” - The developing is always trying to catch up to the developed  NEVER MAKES IT! Because of constant changes - (2) Definite Promises o PROGRESS = COMPETITIVENESS: DEVELOPMENT= JOBS= BETTER LIFESTYLES = $  Presence: of status quo, informal sector > formal sector, barriers are seen as the results of the lack of education.  “Wheel of education”, “lifelong learning” o PROGESS = SOCIAL JUSTICE: MORE EDUCATION = MORE EQUALITY & OPPORTUNITES = GREATER ACCESS  Looks at poverty and tries to attach programs so opportunities can flourish& create the wheel pf promise.  Never fulfilled to its fullest  Education can transform - Utilitarian & Transformative overlap o CC o CP serves CC, o PC serves CC o PP serves CP, PC, CC  These are international divisions of labour  The higher you are to the high class the more access you have to the world  Nations have socioeconomic class divisions  Global Capitalism: developed economies integrate developed economies - Education = linkage to the world –“ finding your kinship” o NGO’s, organizations, clubs, groups, etc o Movement of knowledge, ideas, etc - Education = multiple development purposes o Research & innovation & Mobility = mostly higher edu. o Relevance & competitiveness = most vocational o Access & Equity = mostly basic & adult  The closer you are to developing more interesting there is in higher education - Education in Context o Government tells the donors their needs (community playgrounds, schools, materials)  Donor provides then leaves o Donor countries leave “stamps” on the materials they provide to the developing o Importance! The power that recipients receive from donations o Civil Society Actors: are decision makers for donations  Big Q. Can the provided goods b sustained? Story 1: Millennium Challenge Corporation & FOMILENIO (El Salvador) - MCC: US created this as a new-model to tackling development - Direct connections to the government - Funding countries o In the center of the periphery – on the road to being developed o No pending businesses with land issues o Where results could be seen - FOMILENIO: money given with no strings attached o Infrastructure, economic development, education - In El Salvador o Highway built connecting north & south = more transit o Feedback: people don’t drive - so bike lane put in o Ease the access of kids to higher level education o Best Solution! Agricultural processes – for scholars and non-scholars o Created commemorating sites – local guides - SUCCESS?! o Yes, on the small scale. US is going to donate more to focus on the south & will find private sector Story 2: Indigenous Rights - Great disparity of graduating youth - Have gained power internationally o Getting recogn
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