IDSB01 - Lecture 3

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University of Toronto Scarborough
International Development Studies
Liang Chen

IDSB01 Week 3: How Economic Growth Happens MIDTERM: OCT 24: 3-5, GYM - 25 35% = short answer, multiple choice, definitions - 60 65% = longer answers, essays-type; diagrams - 60 75% based on lectures - Readings: include a bunch of chapters from text and articles o Would help a lot on short answers, help expand on long-answers - No numbers, not a memory test. Sometimes numbers (important numbers, but not like how many people died in blank war?, numbers that help in knowing a theory though) How Economic Growth Happens - No way to get everybody out of poverty unless average productive capacity of population is reasonably high o Growth Why are people better off in a rich country (France, USA) as opposed to a low income country (Haiti)? (direct and indirect answers) - Weak resource management Relates to lacking basic needs (?) - Effective use of Labour o Allocation of labour for most productive uses o Delegation of tasks - Direct Determinants causal factors o Natural Resource Endowment o Investment o Climate Leading to natural disasters (set-backs)
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