Lecture 2

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International Development Studies
Leslie Chan

What Is Development? 13:43 Objectives Understanding power of language & words in shaping behavior Linking normative view with policy making Historical roots & how we came to view development today Understand how underdevelopment as a social construct was invented Uncovering assumptions of dominant view & why alternatives arent possible Millennium Development Goals Where do they come from and what do they represent? Social Construction of Ideas Word Matters need to know why and what to measure i.e. grades in school determine whether you are a goodbad student Mass media powerful, they matter Representation Portray western world ideals Word Matters Progress = moving forward Small words have a BIG impact on society Who Defines progress? Truman After ww2 Idea that economic growth will solve all After WW2, words were created Developing countries split world into Haves vs. Have-nots Third World HOMOGENIZATION Taking different ideals and mix them together Money bonds countries together; generalization based on income: depends on how much you make Tells nothing about the country itself Causes people to make untrue conclusions Global South Replacing developing countries Refers to countries south of the equator People who make countrys consumer goods, usually underpaid Universality & Freedom After WW2, Truman was concerned about communism and the possibility of being outnumbered He came up with the notion of freedom; to choose to be your ideal self This was central to the UN And led by the USA, freedom was attempted to be reached by developing countries www.notesolution.com
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