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University of Toronto Scarborough
International Development Studies

Environmental Science 9272010 What is a system o A system can be anything, very much relies on the question you are trying to answer o Ex. If youre concerned about what happening to the tree in your backyard that tree might be the system Input could be the sun energy into the tree Output could be the oxygen from the trees o The earth in its entirety is a closed systems and the boundary is our atmosphere o An open system could be other things such as cars (fuel in, exhaust out) etc o The output from any system can have an impact the input of that system, this is called a feedback loop if this is continuous Negative feedback loop: when its hot you sweat, otherwise you would burn up moving the system in an opposite direction, it regulates you. In general keeps things in equilibrium this is a steady-state Positive feedback loop: is when it keeps going one way continuously so that things become more positive or more negative and keep adding up Not regulated so generally causes damage Rock Cycle o Atmosphere is one system, includes everything from above the surface to space o Anything below your feet is lithosphere o Biosphere is everything living on earth o Hydrosphere is all the water that moves around the atmosphere and regulates our climate o The cyrosphere is approx. a cross between the hydrosphere and lithosphere, anything frozen o Antrosphere is like the biosphere but more specifically on humans www.notesolution.com
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