Lecture 9: Chapter 12

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University of Toronto Scarborough
International Development Studies
Anne- Emanuelle Birn

th Understanding and Organizing Health Care Systems Nov 9 2010 What is a health care system? ^Z }K]L]}L}Z} Z7}2L]]}LZ7]LL ]L2LKL2KLZ oK]L]LZo] of health services }Z}o]}L_ - Most countries have a formal health care policy - Guiding principles (ex: Canada) - Missions: health system goal go beyond provision of HC services o Health Canada is committed }]K}]L2Zo]Z}oo L[Z}oL}Kl]L2 this countries }o]}LK}L2Z;^ - But.. in reality = curative, medicalized, biomedical Key Questions: What are the major ways of classifying health care systems? - Two simple variables for classifying HCS 1) Financing and Delivery of HCS 2) Public or Private Financing: how funds are collected to pay for HC services Delivery: means by which HC is provided Health System Typologies Keep in mind: - 9]Lo] ZZKZ}]LL ]L2Lo]}L]L}Z; Navarro Political Economy approach accounts for: - Political systemdistribution of political power - Ownership and social structure of production - Distribution of income and resources - Historical attributes (ex: SAPs, labor movements ) Key Questions: What historical and political factors have led to different trajectories of health care systems development? - Important patterns, archetypes of health care systems - Compare circumstance of the development of these HC: Germany, UK, Soviet Union, China, US One of the earlier examples of state-guaranteed HC coverage - Industrial revolution (late 18 19 century) www.notesolution.com
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