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International Development Studies
Peter Skrivanic

Lecture 4Monday February 07 2011321 AMPost Colonial Thought and DevelopmentThere is disconnect Developmentpeace ultimately in western thoughtat Ottawa mtgPeople making decisions in Afghanistans aid were ignorantWe need to promote aggressively modern education modernitythis will get them out of the traditional historyCreated a fundamentalist thoughtIn the absence of the state the schools madrasas have promoted education in the countrySine they didnt receive the colonial modern education Afghans have always been uneducatedThe thinking in Ottawa Washington Paris and Brussels are executed in AfghanIn a colonial interaction we create a colonizer and the colonizedIn the imperial world that created the above switched the north and the southDevelopment is identified as the strongly recognized as the continuity of colonizationNandy the colonizers believed and knew that they were the best political econ systems religions etc and that other societies were inferior and not civilizations this is what was manifested into todays western postcolonial thinkersThe new mission is to become a rational modern secular societyColonizer is always the knower active mature and the colonized is always known passive immatureGandhi wanted to free not only the Indians but the British so that they can develop their own ideology of freedom and liberationNandyinfantilization of developing world the idea of child states became popular during enlightenmentThe development apparatus is set up there is a flow of ideas from the north to southbut does anything ever come back from south to north There is NO idea that there can be any other enlightenment reasonno reciprocity in this relationshipSubjugated relationshipsthese south states are tabula rasaPluralismTazikiyyah Ziauddir Saidar writer Muslim tree is an equilibrium and can be seen as representative of society economic political religious etc The economic branch is where all energy and resources of the NGOs turn to because in the modernization theory this is where everything extends to Neoliberal economics the market IS the treeThis traditional world view is not against modernity it is about the balance in a society needs to be maintainedEx CIDA did not want to hire Islamic scholars so thus arrogantly wanted to pour UN Human Rights into an empty vesselNeed to modify UN articles to fit Islamic lawClaimed that CIDAs document on gender equality is missing somethingit protects the public rights not private rightsParticipatory development you can have input etc from the south but the FRAMEWORK of colonized thought is still
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